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But none who knew her would ever mistake that husky and menacing voice on the videotapes taunting and controlling nude Nigerian girls and threatening she would release those videos to the world if the girls were ever to “misbehave”.

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The deception occurs on how much the “Sponsor” is paying to sponsor the trip, which the girl must pay back.

At this point, the agent refers to the Madam as the Sponsor.

Furthermore, teenagers do not get attached easily to men they meet.

So, they are likely to stay in the business without running away with men because they are not under as much pressure to get attached or to marry.

The agent then opens a line of discussion on how to help the girl improve her life overseas. If this is a girl who has not been previously involved in being with men for money, she is referred to in the industry as a “greenhorn”.

If the agent knows that the girl is already hanging around hotels for men for a good time in exchange for money in Nigeria, she is referred to as a “tested”.(She has 5 other girls elsewhere in the middle east). There were sourced in Nigeria by Madam’s agent in Nigeria.The work of the agent in Nigeria is to identify “interested” and “interesting” young Nigerian girls struggling to make ends meet in Nigeria. As teenagers, they would lack critical thinking and the ability to question what they are told.Due Process Advocates (DPA), a public group on Facebook reports: Friends of Esther Otubo, (known also as Nicole Otubo) shown in the picture S below, still cannot believe it is the same girl they knew years back in University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.Many still shudder that the girl that seemed normal then is the same woman that is now known as one of the most dangerous human trafficker and sex-slave owners and a certified international criminal, now on the run.Meanwhile the agent sends the picture of the girl to Otubo in Dubai for her to confirm it was a good pick.

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