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Survey fees vary from $600-$2,500, or more for large parcels.5.) Septic System Certification If your new property does not connect to public sewers, you may need a septic clearance for your lender.

Often the home seller pays this cost, but you want to make sure you get no hidden charges or surprises.6.) Water Quality Certification The same holds true for properties with a well and not public water service.

Some of these fees need to be paid annually, which means a home buyer needs to pay upfront.9.) Utility Service Fees Check your hook up and installation fees for water, gas, electricity, cable or satellite TV, phone, trash, sewer and other services.

Sometimes the water department covers the sewer and trash service.

Don't give strangers money or personal info like your email address.

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The buyer normally pays between 0-0 to the appraiser.4.) Survey Fees Some lenders require a property survey.

You may also want a survey if the property lines are in question.

These fees quickly add up and you don't want any surprises like a 0 water deposit required by some companies.10.) Moving Costs Plan your move before committing to a purchase.

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