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He may have ruined her life by promising to take her away to Europe and then abandoning her in a small-town bed and breakfast, but there’s no question that she would ruin his if he only invited this simultaneously brittle and determined femme fatale back into his life.

Somehow, that notion plays more effectively on stage than it does on screen, where the hypothetical becomes concrete through the documentary power of film (two long monologues in which the characters recall their last night together feel more truthful when accompanied by flashbacks, for example), augmented by the at-times-painful intimacy of the closeup.

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Sam Gleason lives in a town where high school football is the backbone of the community.

When she accuses a member of the team of committing heinous acts against her on a night she can't even remember, will anyone believe her?

Then we flash forward to discover the woman she has become (Mara, of course), doing the “walk of shame” back to the same house after a torrid shag in a nightclub toilet stall.

Here is a woman who no longer values her own sexuality, but recognizes its power over others.

In transposing “Blackbird” to the real world (if the highly stylized settings, rendered all the more otherworldly by Jed Kurzel’s ethereal harmonic-tone score, could be considered as such), Andrews has opened up Harrower’s one-act play ever so slightly, giving Ray a colleague (Riz Ahmed), a boss (Tobias Menzies), and a wife (Natasha Little) to add dimension to his character — and hers.

And yet, he’s lost something in the way he directs Mara, who brings such a different energy from Allison Pill or Michelle Williams, who played Una on Broadway (acting opposite Jeff Daniels in two separate productions).In 1989, clean-cut FBI man John Buckner is detailed to escort heavily-bearded Huey Walker back to jail for offenses dating back to his days as a celebrated hippie radical. See full summary » A twisted take on 'Little Red Riding Hood' with a teenage juvenile delinquent on the run from a social worker traveling to her grandmother's house and being hounded by a charming, but sadistic, serial killer/pedophile.A washed-up detective discovers his own psychic ability when assigned to investigate a serial murder case.The killer has a deranged obsession with the novel "Alice in Wonderland." As the ... See more » Somewhat underrated, if derivative, this first time Directorial effort from the slightly off-center Actor, who will, for at least the foreseeable future be associated with the extremely popular TV Series 24, is a not that bad Crime/Road Movie.See full summary » A drug deal goes wrong causing a foursome, led by a lunatic killer, to go on the run. He's the good guy, I'm the bad guy, it's his job to catch me, it's my job not to get caught. There are some glaring ineffectiveness here and there, mostly coming from the badly written Pulpy Dialog.Her heart still belongs to the man who robbed her of the ability to experience intimacy — hauntingly revealed via a courtroom video deposition — and when Una stumbles across a news clipping with his photo, she decides to pay him a visit.

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