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Vagabond made her rise rose to international fame in 1986 when she was the lead actress.

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The two time Academy Award winner was famous for her roles in Footloose from 1984 and the Lost Boys three years later.

Her Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress were given to her for her roles on both Hanna and Her Sisters and Bullets over Broadway.

The 80s was a wild time.” The 39-year-old’s one-bedroom Morris Park apartment is a veritable museum to the big hair era, and his stuff has kicked him out of his own bedroom — where board games such as Operation stand in columns that touch the ceiling, Care Bears wait to be taken out of their boxes — still with the $19.99 JCPenney price tag — and 300 video game cartridges vie for precious space.

And it became an obsession when Annunziato was in two car accidents in 2014, leaving him barely mobile for about two years.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, started her acting career on Broadway in 1980 when she appeared on the West Side Story.

The American actress was nominated for her part in Following a part in The Color of Money in the mid eighties and was mostly famous for her role as Gina Montana in the 1983 film, in Scarface where she played Gina Montana, Al Pacino’s sister.

“I can not imagine anyone not finding themselves looking at this website without wanting more,” Ariadnie Sourlis wrote on Facebook.

The 80’s will always be remembered as an iconic decade where big hair, bright jewelry and boomboxes were the big thing at the time.

Since then she played in the movie, The Perfect Storm in 2000.

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