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It was originally supposed to be creator David Anez’s own original superhero tale about two brothers on the sides of good and evil, but technical difficulties delayed everything.

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Other stories include the kids switching to their New 52 costumes to seem more serious, J’onn being bullied by some child supervillains, and the Green Lanterns (which, here, are a boy scout organization) hunting for Bigfoot.

JL8 is fun, imaginative, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Or at least it would, if our heroes were the real Warriors of Light and not a bunch of incompetent, psychopathic clods who tricked an idiot king into giving them the title.

Our not-so-merry band of misfits consists of four members.

One of the best things about the Internet is the power it gives individuals to pursue their own work without playing by the usual corporate rules.

This results in a lot of great entertainment that never would’ve reached a lot of people, like the You Tube series Chad Vader: Dayshift Manager, or the musical comedy group Ninja Sex Party.However, by the time that Anez started the superhero story he wanted to make, the Megaman material proved so popular that he just decided to stick with it.He quickly brought in his own original characters, the titular Bob and George, to have adventures in this altered video game universe, and the rest was history.And while a lot of these imitators aren’t very good, that’s still something pretty special on its own.Sandra and Woo is a webcomic that updates on Mondays and Thursdays, written by Oliver “Novil” Knörzer and drawn by Puri “Powree” Andini.Sandra herself is a young girl with a lot of passion, who alternates between being childish and being very intellectual. There are some strips that are just gags, but the comic mostly has arcs surrounding social messages and coming-of-age stories.

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