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I don't notice much physical and mental impairment from it, as I have been able to do many things under the influence such as play basketball, hockey, soccer, guitar, go on 20km hikes in the Rockies, 50km bike rides, cross country skiing, pass university finals and go to a new job stoned for the first 6 weeks and still get a raise.

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Understandably, these gardeners do not make a positive impression on the organization tasked with putting them in cages and are often maligned by the DEA which has a much easier time seizing assets from growers than cocaine cartels.

Lets say you are right, growing marijuana turns a person into a loser.

Writing about how potheads are losers is about as difficult as finding your way out of a wet paper bag.

This "article" is just flame-bait; poorly written and without original content, it finishes with a flourish that acknowledges that its intention isn't to promote discourse.

It stimulates appetite, but I doubt many have gotten fat from it. Yes, you need less to be satisfied and most smokers realize any more than that is a waste.

It can relax you and help you sleep, but make you anxious if you have deeper problems; it depends on the person. It can make you less talkative; I've had difficulties being sociable enough, though maybe I sometimes smoke in consolation for that. I've experimented with stronger drugs, but normally avoid, feel no desire and am scared of them.

If you just drove by this house, you would never know what’s inside that walled off garage.

But under a stifling Florida sun, the garage is a cool 70 degrees, a constant flow of cool, nutrient rich water flowing throughout the floor, and illuminated by golden glowing lamps whose radiance bounces off reflective aluminum walls.

When I caught someone trying to steal my bike, the police were angry when I called them for bothering them with something as trivial as bike theft, though one of the thieves turned out to be a wanted pedophile. Also I've heard of pot growers doing more time than convicted pedophiles, a far greater infamnia.

It can be psychologically addictive,many people use it daily, withdrawal includes sleeplessness, anxiousness, and irritibility, very much like tobacco withdrawal, but less intense.

Sometimes the law makes it happen that way; in Hawaii I was told that because of the crackdown on pot it had become cheaper and easier to do crystal meth instead. I seem to be in reasonable shape for my age and my financial statements still pass their audits. no one should ever go to jail for it; having vices is part of human nature and there's a limit to how much the law should interfere with that.

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