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[Epub ahead of print] Pub Med Marwarha G, Schommer J, Lund J, Schommer T, Ghribi O. doi Marshall HH, Griffiths DJ, Mwanguhya F, Businge R, Griffiths AGF, Kyabulima S, Mwesige K, Sanderson JL, Thompson FJ, Vitikainen EIK, Cant MA. Inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) and α-glucosidase by xanthones from Cratoxylum cochinchinense, and their kinetic characterization.

Suppression of Alzheimer's disease-related phenotypes by the heat shock protein 70 inducer, geranylgeranylacetone, in APP/PS1 transgenic mice via the ERK/p38 MAPK signaling pathway. Structure Related Inhibition of Enzyme Systems in Cholinesterases and BACE1 In Vitro by Naturally Occurring Naphthopyrone and Its Glycosides Isolated from Cassia obtusifolia.

doi Shrestha S, Seong SH, Paudel P, Jung HA, Choi JS. pii Sanz-Blasco S, Calvo-Rodrguez M, Caballero E, Garcia-Durillo M, Nunez L, Villalobos C.

doi Park JY, Choi J, Lee Y, Lee JE, Lee EH, Kwon HJ, Yang J, Jeong BR, Kim YK, Han PL. doi Sirijatuphat R, Sripanidkulchai K, Boonyasiri A, Rattanaumpawan P, Supapueng O, Kiratisin P, Thamlikitkul V. doi Gu C, Chen C, Wu R, Dong T, Hu X, Yao Y, Zhang Y. Micro-planning in a wide age range measles rubella (MR) campaign using mobile phone app, a case of Kenya, 2016. The prodrug of 7,8-dihydroxyflavone development and therapeutic efficacy for treating Alzheimer's disease. Migration-based selections of antibodies that convert bone marrow into trafficking microglia-like cells that reduce brain amyloid β.

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Micro RNA-16 targets m RNA involved in neurite extension and branching in hippocampal neurons during presymptomatic prion disease. Digital Diabetes Management Application Improves Glycemic Outcomes in People With Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

[Epub ahead of print] Pub Med Burak K, Lamoureux L, Boese A, Majer A, Saba R, Niu Y, Frost K, Booth SA. doi Offringa R, Sheng T, Parks L, Clements M, Kerr D, Greenfield MS. Reduced expression of Na( )/Ca(2 ) exchangers is associated with cognitive deficits seen in Alzheimer's disease model mice. Insights From Google Play Store User Reviews for the Development of Weight Loss Apps: Mixed-Method Analysis. Standardization of immunotherapy adverse events in patient information leaflets and development of an interface terminology for outpatients' monitoring.

pii Muschalla B, Rau H, Willmund GD, Knaevelsrud C. doivan der Linden SD, Sitskoorn MM, Rutten GM, Gehring K. doi Plummer SL, Corrigan F, Thornton E, Woenig JA, Vink R, Cappai R, Van Den Heuvel C. doi Brage Hudson D, Campbell-Grossman C, Brown S, Hanna KM, Ramamurthy B, Gorthi B, Sivadasan V. doi Wang H, Zhang XB, Ge XG, Jing ZX, Wang L, Zhao YP, Guo LP, Huang LQ.

[Application of image recognition technology in census of national traditional Chinese medicine resources]. Development and Evaluation of a Mobile Personalized Blood Glucose Prediction System for Patients With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Running exercise protects against myelin breakdown in the absence of neurogenesis in the hippocampus of AD mice.

[Epub ahead of print] Pub Med Castillo E, Leon J, Mazzei G, Abolhassani N, Haruyama N, Saito T, Saido T, Hokama M, Iwaki T, Ohara T, Ninomiya T, Kiyohara Y, Sakumi K, La Ferla FM, Nakabeppu Y. A Smartphone App (Afya Data) for Innovative One Health Disease Surveillance from Community to National Levels in Africa Jake-Schoffman DE, Silfee VJ, Waring ME, Boudreaux ED, Sadasivam RS, Mullen SP, Carey JL, Hayes RB, Ding EY, Bennett GG, Pagoto SL. doi Mc Carthy OL, Osorio Calderon V, Makleff S, Huaynoca S, Leurent B, Edwards P, Lopez Gallardo J, Free C. doi Kappy NS, Chang S, Harris WM, Plastini M, Ortiz T, Zhang P, Hazelton JP, Carpenter JP, Brown SA. doi He T, Sun R, Santhanam AV, d'Uscio LV, Lu T, Katusic ZS. A pilot study exploring the relationship between the use of mobile technologies, walking distance, and clinical decision making among rural hospital nurses. Feasibility and Usability of a Mobile Application to Assess Symptoms and Affect in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Vagnozzi AN, Giannopoulos PF, Pratic D.

Pub Med Karimuribo ED, Mutagahywa E, Sindato C, Mboera L, Mwabukusi M, Kariuki Njenga M, Teesdale S, Olsen J, Rweyemamu M. [Epub ahead of print] Pub Med Sedgwick M, Awosoga O, Grigg L. doi Ghanbari H, Ansari S, Ghannam M, Lathkar-Pradhan S, Kratz A, Oral H, Najarian K, Clauw D, Nallamothu B. Long-term treadmill exercise attenuates Aβ burdens and astrocyte activation in APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Scavenger Receptor-A deficiency impairs immune response of microglia and astrocytes potentiating Alzheimer's disease pathophysiology. Quality of Operative Performance Feedback Given to Thoracic Surgery Residents Using an App-Based System.

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