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So my biggest concern when I got to college was how I would do in the classroom and where I would get the help I needed.

Want to chat with someone who recently went through the experience? After meeting with a recruiter, you will receive ongoing support and resources to guide you through your application, interview, and placement process with Teach For America.

You can also learn more about ongoing opportunities in your community and begin making your impact today. Learn more about joining Teach For America with prior work experience. [email protected] Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo: Alexis Chamberlin, Alexis.

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[email protected] of California, Davis: University of California, Irvine: Rowan Rose, Rowan.

[email protected] of California, Los Angeles: Selina Duran, [email protected] of California, Riverside: Kristy Jones, [email protected] of California, San Diego: University of California, Santa Barbara: Stephanie Kuo, [email protected] of California, Santa Cruz: Alexis Chamberlin, Alexis.

In addition, nearly a third of individuals with autism today are medically obese putting a bigger impact on finding outlets for physical activity.

On behalf of 10 Years of Progress we wanted to highlight several individuals from our community who’ve been positively impacted by sports…

If nothing else, playing sports and getting involved on teams simply made me feel genuinely good and that was invaluable for my growth.” Others have been impacted by sports by just having a great time and having fun!

Natalie, a teenager with autism plays baseball and broke out into the “Cha-Cha” slide during a little league Challenger baseball game.In our community we’ve seen the amazing impact that sports have had on those with autism.Today studies show the positive correlation that sports can have to help those with autism leading to improvements in communication, social and cognitive [email protected] State University: Walker Donaldson, [email protected] of Colorado at Boulder: Sydney Bay, [email protected] of Denver: Walker Donaldson, [email protected] and Clark College: Jordan Hoefer, Jordan. [email protected] of Oregon: Lauren A Williams, [email protected] of Portland: Rosa Pynes, [email protected] University: Jordan Hoefer, Jordan.During that time he played basketball, baseball, and hockey.

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