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This article on marriage and birth statistics is part of a pilot project implemented by Eurostat together with the Member States.The aim of the pilot project is to better reply to user's needs by complementing Eurostat articles in Statistics Explained containing information on the EU with more detailed information on a national level.Since divorces became legal in Malta in 2011, it is now legal to seek a divorce in all Member States.

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More than half of the population aged 20 and over in the EU-28 is married Statistics on marital status consider only the legal aspect.

There are several types of marital status: married, widowed, divorced, registered partnerships as well as singles, meaning those who have never been married or in a registered partnership.

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The lowest age for women at first marriage was observed in Romania (26.3 years), Poland (26.6 years) and Bulgaria (26.7 years), while the highest age was recorded in Ireland (34.3 years in 2011), Sweden (33.0 years) and Spain (32.2 years).

The mean age at first marriage for women was lower than for men in all Member States except Ireland, where men were almost a year younger than women.At the same time, births outside marriage have become more and more frequent.To describe the current situation, this article presents statistics on marriages, divorces, consensual unions and births in the European Union.Marriage had long been considered as virtually the only way to form a family.This has changed and alternatives to marriage, like consensual unions and registered partnerships, have become more widespread.In 2013, the mean age at first marriage for men was at least 30 years in all EU Member States, except Poland (29.0 years), Lithuania (29.5 years) and Romania (29.7 years).

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