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The job of a lookout was to spot and report fires by telephone or radio so crews could be dispatched quickly.

At the system’s peak, there were 5,000 lookouts nationwide—including 685 overlooking the extensive forests of Washington.

Some of the standing lookouts even have beds and stoves for a first-come, first-serve overnight stay.

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This prompted the construction of Little Summit Lookout 1.5 mis to the south as a replacement in 1966.

Constitution's stone fortress continues to be a popular tourist destination in the San Juan Islands and is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.

As of 2013, 87 fire lookout structures remain standing on the tops of rugged summits across the state of Washington.

This page provides some history, locations, and photos of these last standing sentinels of Washington's past.

After a botched attempt to restore the cabin onsite, winter damage necessitated removing the entire structure by helicopter for offsite restoration.

There was also a shake cabin added just below in the summit in 1942 which has since been removed.

Presentation Description: In this edition of the Bellingham Mountaineers Winter Speaker Series, climber Steph Abegg and geologist Doug Mc Keever will join forces to discuss the variety of rock types that are most commonly encountered in climbs in Washington.

Steph will provide photos illustrating the various rock types and the quality of climbing they afford, while Doug will detail about the various compositions, origins, and locations of the different rock types.

Promptly abandoned in 1970, volunteers worked on constructing a new cab during the late 1990s.

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