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I went on a date since being pregnant, I was like 5 months I think, he ended up being far from my type lol but my I was very up front about my pregnancy from the begining...And I was asked out on a couple more dates, by that same guy and a few others...

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Two sentences of wishing us luck and telling us we're strong women after making sweeping generalizations about single mothers who can't take a break from men-which is why we're single parents in the first place is even more insulting than just sticking to your blatant insults and judgements. Women become single mothers in many different circumstances.

This board is a place for women who don't have the traditional supports. There are single mothers by choice, women who have spouses who have been killed in duty or other tragic accidents, women who have been left by partners or left because the relationship was unhealthy. Why even bother coming over here to comment if you're NOT a single mother, happily married to your husband and have it all figured out and doing it the 'right' way?

I wish you all luck on your pregnancy because you all are strong women!

stmichell8-I've debated for a bit if responding to you was even the right choice but it needs to be done.

Some ppl are just soo close minded like now that you are pregnant and single you can't date... I think that's insane to date while pregnant and you are telling me that you can't take a break from being around a guy for 9 months? Take a break for goodness sake and enjoy being by yourself.

This just sounds like some of you all are afraid to be alone so you need a man to make you feel complete.

I guess maybe something like this could be mind blowing to you, because you have no idea what it is like to be in our situations, so you dont know what you would would be even more mind blowing for you, the feelings we face on a day to day basis.

Having to prepare to have, and raise a child, ALONE.

Single mothers, whatever your circumstances, keep your heads up.

This list is for single moms st mitchell 8, if you can't wrap your head around that concept you should stick to the general pregnancy boards. Being pregnant is the awesome beginning to starting a family.

Seemed to me that me being pregnant would send the guys running for the hills, but it draws them closer lol I would of course not have any kind if physical relationship with any guy other than the BD, and he's a big fat loser so that's not ganna happen haha. Once our babies come it's not like we'll have that oppurtunity for a while lol.

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