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Haruka over-idealized her relationship with him, but in the end she was able to let go of her past and attempt to move on. And the direction is very bad at times, you feel as if the director is lost. Haruka's ending was so sad for me that it was unbeareble to watch!

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The OVA is sort of an alternate ending/ a continuation. I personnally didn't feel anything seeing Haruka in a coma, not because it wasn't sad, but because it's so badly written and directed that I couldn't sympathize with her really... She really is a victim of life.^ For Haruka the three years in a coma and losing Narumi at the end, but apart from that I really wouldn't say she suffered as much as the other mains.

the ending was very well done, both girls ended up happy, and the one who needed the guy more got him :) also, i feel that haruka lacked screen time.

kinda felt like goin back to ep3..anyways this made a lot of sense to put closure to the series which was wat one'd expect IRL.

I loved this series but I was expecting something more of the ending.

Since I watched this on Hulu I feel the ending would have had much more of an impact if Funimation subbed the book in the end.

They're notorious for even going as far as covering up a lot of kana and kanji with roman letters but they can't even be bothered to sub Haruka's book, who knows, that could've been the thing in an anime to finally evoke tears from me. The farewell was really sad, and I'm not quite sure I understand the character's motivations behind it.

I put 8/10 just for the first two episodes which were almost perfect (the twist is great) and the overall emotionnal and psychological sides which are well developped, even if they are ruined by a lazy directorship. Right at the time when Haruka told the story of Mayauru's Gift. Plus she's really moved forwarded and even accomplished her dream of writing picture books.

Mitsuki and Narumi missing out on their dreams but they have each other, and have also moved on.

I hated this show's guts because of the ending and Narumi's indecisiveness. Like someone mentioned a few posts prior, Haruka was a victim of life and lost everything. *cursecursetrashtalkbashbashrant* I really can't say how much I detested the Narumi and Mitsuki ending. The mood was fitting, in that everyone ended up moving on with their lives, and things worked out.

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