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Turns out if you pull a handle and it pays out predictably, you very quickly figure it out and stop pulling. The amazing part to me is that we all look around at each other and see ourselves, as adults, failing and then we give these devices to kids and expect them to do better. In fact, as parents of teenagers know, they fare far worse… Whatever it was, likely, you were LOST IN THE MOMENT, completely absorbed in what you were doing. Where’s the #1 reported place where people get insight? But, with smartphones, we aren’t looking at a work device, we’re looking at a lifestyle device. But, all the hardware, all the software, all the UI it has, carries with it 50 years of underyling assumptions – that the purpose of it’s existence is to make us more productive and more efficient. I’d guess that it’s going to be more fast paced than ever. Now imagine your own child in stark contrast to that culture of distraction. In 10 years, that’s going to feel VERY VERY different than the norm.But, make the reward random and people have a very hard time stopping. Do you know what the average # of text messages a 13-17 year old teenage girl sends and receives every month? The Slow Tech folks ask the question – can we alter the purpose of lifestyle technologies to focus on alternative aims? That people are going to be even more distracted, even more unable to pay attention to things for any length of time. Today, with smartphones, we’re accessing it 27 times a day.

Less and less able to pay attention to anything for what used to be reasonable length of times.

The funny part about distraction is that it’s a worsening condition.

Stacco allora lo smartphone dal visore e vado su Pornhub, che ha creato da poco più di un anno una sezione di video in virtual reality. Anche un neofita del porno online sa che ogni sua esigenza verrà esaudita. È quella che Martin Amis in un memorabile articolo per il Guardian sull’industria americana del porno, A rough trade, ha teorizzato come la distinzione tra “features” e “gonzo”. Lei è sempre qui, in mutande e reggiseno rosa pallido, sopra di me.

Tant’è che questa nuova categoria non ha in sé nulla di diverso da quelle, per così dire, tradizionali. Senza nessuna sorpresa scopro che non ci sono video etero con donne nel ruolo di protagonista, se non solo quelli in coppia con un’altra donna. Provo allora due filmati: uno nei panni di un uomo e l’altro nei panni di una donna. Nei primi, dotati di personaggi e di una minima sceneggiatura, si vede “gente che fa sesso sapendo perché lo sta facendo”. La testa adagiata sul mio petto è così reale da farmi sentire il suo peso addosso.

Like were a computer with dual cores running two simultaneous processes. Numerous brain imaging studies have shown that what we call “multi-tasking” in humans, is not multi-tasking at all.

Your brain is merely trying to rapidly switch it’s attention between two tasks. It’s shown not only that we’re dumber when we do this (an average of 10 IQ points dumber – that’s the same as pulling an all-nighter.), but that we’re also 40% less efficient at whatever it is we’re doing.

You’re training your brain to pay attention to distracting things. When our ancestors, the Geico guys, were sitting out on the savanna and the tree next to them rustled. My favorite summary line on this whole topic comes from Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor who studies technology and society. Digital connections offer the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship. Now that we’re losing it, we get a sense of just how valuable it was. Besides taking a break from distraction, another step is to ACTIVELY TRAIN your long-form attention and mindfullness. Whatever form it takes, make it a DAILY practice of slowing down. Perhaps the most interesting or provocative approach to solving it, harkens back to that line at the end of the Microsoft commercial – ‘we need a phone to save us from our phones’. There is a small academic movement called Slow Tech.

The more you train your brain to pay attention to distractions, the more you get distracted and the less able you are to even focus for brief periods of time on the two or three things you were trying to get done in your ‘multi-tasking’ in the first place. The ones that didn’t look over and see the lion coming to eat them are NOT our ancestors. We expect more from technology and less from each other”. At the heart of manners is a consideration of others. How many times, guys, have you been barked at by your wife because instead of giving full attention to what she was saying, you were looking at your phone. “There is something more important than you and it’s not here in this room.” The second thing I think we’re losing is creativity and insight. Our mind wanders but it’s not constantly being bombarded with new information (at least until we can take our phones in the shower which I’m sure is being worked on…). Time for our minds to make subtle connections and insights. Simply put, at the heart of creativity, insight, imagination and humaneness is an ability to pay attention to ANYTHING – our ideas, our line of thinking, each other. So, hopefully, by this point I’ve convinced you of a few things No, I think the solution is to balance the DISTRACTING brain training you’re doing every single day with training that strengthens long-form ATTENTION. For some that means leaving the phone and going for a 15 minute walk. The primary insight of the Slow Tech folks is quite interesting. An ability to make real human connection by not signaling that there might be something better on his smartphone to look at.

Le storie ci prendono per mano anche nei nostri antri più bui, quando ci troviamo a sognare un’altra vita o a godere insieme a uno sconosciuto con un visore bianco sul viso. Se credo in te, che vivi in una realtà che non esiste?

A crisis of attention I want to ask people a simple question: are you happy with your relationship with your phone. I don’t think I have a healthy relationship with mine. If I let it, it easily fills up those gaps in my day—some gaps of boredom, some of solitude.

Voglio capire se i miei scetticismi possono essere confutati da qualcosa di più hard. Il ricordo di quelle stanze asettiche dove ero immobile è già lontanissimo.

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