Big bang theory s06e20 online dating

Amy wonders how Leonard and Raj can compete since Sheldon is so great at what he does.

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Sheldon is worried if he got tenure Leonard would become insanely jealous and he would have to have a gun or a chainsaw under his pillow at night.

Amy counters that with his extra income he could move out, buy a house, get married start a family.

Raj says that he's not going to play politics and that he hopes that if he doesn't get it, Sheldon or Leonard get it.

Sheldon quips that Raj shouldn't dangle false hopes in front of Leonard.

Penny asks who he has to impress while Leonard states that he'll let his work speak for itself. Leonard reacts saying that he is a naive idiot to do that and she replies that he did hear what she was really saying.

While Amy and Sheldon are having dinner, he tells her that even if he were tenured, it would not decrease his academic output since like himself, one can't turn off the sun.

While Amy looks on hopefully, Sheldon then goes back to the idea of the chainsaw.

Amy tells him that maybe he should cozy up to the tenure committee.

Sheldon is not happy with the tenure system since it leads to the faculty becoming complacent.

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